The GCSL will take place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria-Spain) from 20 to 23 of June, 2019 and will be available for all the players who are 18 years old and older.

Participation can be guaranteed through an Invitation from the organization or after filling the application and complying with the requirements thereof.

If your case does not fit with any of the requirements, please contact us and we will study your case carefully.

Registration Options:

1. Selected as a Preferential Entry.

2. To be member of a National Team or Club participating in the GCSL.

3. Play with a participating Agent’s Team.

Players selected as PREFERENTIAL ENTRY in the GCSL must meet, at least, one of the following qualifications:

1. To be invited by the organization.

2. Participate in the Elite Procamp or similar associated event.

3. Play in some of the Pro or Semi-Pro leagues of Europe, United States, South America, Asia or Australia. This category includes those who play in USA University Leagues.

Please, send proof with your application form; by example a letter of the team, official game program, roster, newspaper article, website, etc.

*Your Last Season Stats will also be required.

Note: The final decision on players seeking Preferred Registration will be taken by the Organization. To request a Registration Preferred, please complete the form or register online by adding the qualities you possess. Once accepted, the organization will send a confirmation of your entry along with the invoice for payment in bank account with all the details for it.

By the time your registration is confirmed you will receive all necessary information of the event; directions, schedules, phone numbers, etc.

Registration is not valid if payment is not received on full before June 5, 2019.