A new brand that joins the event. Vithas Hospital Santa Catalina becomes the MEDICAL SERVICES OFFICIAL SUPPLIER for the X Edition of the Gran Canaria Summer League.

Vithas Hospital Santa Catalina satisfies all the health needs demanded by athletes or those who are going to start practicing regular physical exercise. It is an integral, multidisciplinary service focused on the athlete. To do this, it has different professionals specialized in the health of the athlete as well as in physical activity. At Vithas Hospital Santa Catalina a close and continuous monitoring is carried out on the athlete who is advised as well, not only to solve or prevent health problems, but also to deepen aspects of improving his physical performance so that he achieves the objectives pursued. Cardiologists, traumatologists and nutritionists – fans of sports practice themselves – make up the medical team of this highly specialized Sports Unit.


Players and general participants of the Gran Canaria Summer League are very well covered now.